Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to School

Let me begin by saying that my heart is still very pensive regarding all of the current changes and potential future changes at BG Naz, but I really don't feel like blogging on them anymore right now.

In the introduction to Sunday's lesson, Pastor D started talking about going back to school and sharing different anxieties that she faced with that growing up and getting some of the kids opinions. I decided that I am probably a pretty good represser (or actually, I bet that God has spared me having to re-live all those years) as I know that I had a plethora of anxieties regarding school, but they don't instantly come to mind when I think back to those days. However, I quickly found out that they weren't as buried as I thought. Somehow, we got on the topic of fire and Danielle said "What did Miss Julie say in Big Church about fire this morning. Were you paying attention? " I started to panic. What if she called on me? I truly did pay attention, but I didn't remember fire. Fire, fire, what did she say about fire. I'm getting nothing! Don't make eye contact. Studies show that you have a tiny less chance of being called on if you don't make eye contact. What in tarnation did she say about fire? I remember the scripture on the screen, I remember I Am, I don't' remember fire. Don't panic, choose "C". When in doubt, the answer is "C"... I thought about stuffing 10 donut holes in my mouth so that I wouldn't physically be able to answer, but the moment passed and Danielle gave the answer herself...Moses and the burning bush. Ah, I think that I am healthier now that I am out of school.

The gorgeous weather has lured me back outside and weeding has commenced once again. I am still re-weeding my front plot, but that magic fairy dust that Cary Mleland suggested has been doing wonders! Remember my previous ant episode? Well, it happened all over again, this time with crickets. I was happily digging away and suddenly the dirt started to cave in making it's own little hole and then large, black Neanderthal creatures starting erupting from the dirt. It wasn't hard to identify them as crickets since we are raising a small army of them in our house, (Roscoe likes to thin the herd by carrying them live around the house in his mouth and dropping them in various places to coax them to jump and play with them. He then tries to eat them, but we usually get to them first and make it a quick death) but I was a bit panicked to see them in their natural habitat. They started jumping and it was just too much for me. The voice that yells in my head told me to throw dirt back on them to encourage them back home and it worked. There was a few moments of frantic dirt throwing and then the earth was calm. I was a bit apprehensive the rest of the time, however, and I have started to become concerned that the next creature I come across might be a snake...
I haven't found anything exciting lately, but I only have one more little patch of the front plot and then it is over to the uncharted territory of the side plots and I am giddy with anticipation. I have this feeling that treasures will abound over there. I'll keep you posted.


middle aged blogger said...

Your animal stories continue to touch my heart!

Pensive - that describes my feelings - full of prayer and sorrow...Yet I know that God's hand is at work and we must perservere! and wait...that's a tough one!

Danielle said...

When you're done weeding at your place, would you like to try mine?

We could work out some sort of labor trade. I'll paint or clean and you can weed.