Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And So It Goes

I have been avoiding blogging for the last few days because I honestly am not sure I am going to be able to get my feelings into words and not entirely sure that I want to share them either. However, that is probably not healthy, so I will give it a valiant effort...
The Facts:
Our pastor resigned on Sunday. There were not any moral indiscretions or loss of faith or anything like that. He simply found out through a course of circumstances that the Nazarene denomination does not allow certain practices such as having a "prayer language" even if it is only done in the privacy of your own home. He was very open at this point that he and his wife have had a prayer language for the last 5 years (only privately, never mentioned or done corporately) and after verifying that the Nazarene statement did in fact not allow for that, he resigned (what other choice was there?)
My Initial Feelings:
Anger - not at anyone or anything, just the whole situation. Well, maybe a little anger at the Nazarene denomination for what seems like an unclear and possibly un-biblical Statement.
Sadness - for Scott & his family at such a huge life change with no transistion time.
Sadness - for the staff and the grieving and confusion they must be going through.
Sadness - selfishly for myself...we have finally found someplace that feels like home, made wonderful new friendships, feel close to the church for many people and reasons and now it is all going to change!!!!!!(this is just my own little pity party)
Pride-for our Pastor & his family & the staff and their families
Pensiveness - over this new information that will cause Daniel and I to re-think the denomination (nothing immediate and nothing drastic, I don't think) and probably grow in the process.
Later Feelings:
Whether God orchestrated this or just allowed it to happen, I can't deny that He is in control and I must trust the future to him.
I am pensive and apprehensive about what the future will hold.
I am pensive and anticipatory (I almost said excited, but I don't think that I am quite there yet) about what the future will hold...

Now for a little light-hearted bed-time story

A Truly Disgusting Story of Eventual Triumph
(beware - this is disgusting)
On Sunday morning, I made my usual trek to the sunroom to give our lovely cats their morning treats. The sunroom has their food & water in it, a cat jungle gym, and a litter box. To my horror, items that should have been in the litter box were not in the litter box. This wasn't a nice little "whoops, I missed" pile next to the litter box, this was an insane mess scattered throughout the entire room and the jungle gym. What could have happened? Little miss prim and proper Acorn could never have done this, but then there is Roscoe. Our little kitten. I wouldn't think that he would do it, but....Right then Roscoe came running into the room and came to a screeching halt looking as shocked as me. Someone had defiled the sunroom. I tried to come up with the easiest and cleanest way to eliminate the mess and so I asked Daniel to do it. It worked out good for me. After the chore was complete, he said "I figured out what caused the commotion in the sunroom...Apparently it is relatively difficult to pass a piece of fluorescent orange elastic!"
(Roscoe has a fondness for elastic and string and shoelaces, and things of that nature. Somehow, in just a few seconds time he can gnaw through anything and leave 2 pieces where there should have been one. We are usually very attentive, but I did find that he had chewed through one of Acorn's toys with an orange elastic string on it, but I didn't realize any of it was ingested. ) In all fairness, he probably legitimately didn't remember the incident when he came into the room and looked shocked. He has run head first into so many things since we have got him, we are not sure his noggin functions properly. Or perhaps, it was such a traumatic event, he had repressed it already and we will have to get him Kitty Counseling when he grows up. Come to think of it, after we went to bed that night, Acorn came in the room muttering quite a bit and she is usually pretty respectful and quiet during sleeping hours. We just assumed she was saying something like "Thanks for all the wonderful care that you give. You are wonderful humans", but it appears it must have been more like "That imbecile little kitten you got is convulsing in the sun room with elastic hanging out his butt!!"


middle aged blogger said...

Oh Jen - I feel your pain and hear your thoughts.

Kitties are a sorry lot, but I love how you found the solution to cleaning it up!

Cats have very very very small brains and their memories show it! Sorry to tell you the cold hard truth!

:) MAB

Sara said...

I love you and appreciate you so much. I echo your feelings and thoughts, and love your great cat stories...:)

Danielle said...

Okay, I appreciate the fact that you haven't made blogging a burdensome, ritualized obligation for yourself. But, will you ever post again!? :)

Love you.