Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Beautiful Day

Sunday was such a beautiful day both in spirit and appearance. It was fun to chat with friends at church. The music was a wonderful worship experience. Scott's sermon was great and spending the rest of the day with my husband was the best.

We picked up dinner at Taco Bell (only my 3rd time ever being to Taco Bell. The choices are amazing! I ended up with a Club Chalupa minus sour cream and tomatoes, cinnamon twists, and nachos and cheese.) and ate it at Carter Park (I have never been there before either). Played on the playground equipment a little bit. Came home, took a little nap - Sunday afternoon naps are the best!! Daniel then went outside and practiced loading his kayak for the big camping trip and I weeded!!!! It was so much fun. Unfortunately, I am only 3/4 done with the front of the house. Too bad my love for weeding doesn't equal a green thumb. I love flowers and color and stuff, but I have no talent there so right now the yard is colorless, but someday I will learn. Right now there is plenty of sprucing up to do to even get it into shape. I was almost without an artifact this time, but at the very end as I was sifting through the dirt, I found a penny! It is a 1970, so it isn't that old, but it was still a find. I wonder whose penny it was and how it got there. Things like that fascinate me. Now, it is resides in my change jar.

We finished off the evening with a rousing game of Star Wars Miniatures . Daniel is teaching me and I am doing fair. This is actually the first time that I have lost, but he usually gives me a hefty handicap. I think that I would have had a good chance this time too, except when we were both down to one character a piece, he just happened to mention that his guy could fly!!! That's good information to have!!! So, my grounded Jedi wasn't a match for him and I lost.

Point to Ponder:
I was listening to a Book on Tape today and one of the characters said something that has really stuck with me. He was trying to help someone who was trying to figure out why God lets bad things happen.
He said something to the effect of: Sometimes we just don't know why God does what He does or allows what he allows. However, would you really want to have a God that you could figure out. If you could figure out God, wouldn't that make Him kind of small....

I agree.

P.S. I met an avacodo for the first time today. I didn't need to taste it to know that we wouldn't be friends. Just thought that I would share.


Rebecca said...

I am so glad to hear of your Sunday-- it sounds like such a relaxful day.
Thanks for your comment from your Book on tape--- that is good!
Don't think I have had an avacodo visit me here at all! What a sheltered life I guess! ;)
Zach is desperatley trying to type something, so I will send this before I lose it!

Danielle said...

Avocado: food of the gods, a.k.a, ambrosia :o)