Monday, May 16, 2005

Sabbath Ramblings

There are so many things running through my mind today and I felt that I should try and make them all connect for an intelligent post, but then I's a blog, it doesn't have to make sense or connect or even be spelled correctly, but it is nice of the Blog People to provide spell check. It makes me look so much smarter.

Today was a busy day at church. If you haven't noticed already, my mind wanders, so with all the things that I felt I had to remember, it is sometimes very hard to stay focused and worship in the structured setting of service. It makes me feel guilty and confused. I don't want to offend God.

Today was offering counting day for me. Yee Haw. Those that know me realize that I am not being sarcastic. What better fun could there be than counting money, entering figures, watching things balance. This, by the way is a fun answer to prayer. I used to constantly pray that someday, when I was old enough, God would work it out so that I could count the offering at church. My dream in life has been realized!!!!

The only downside is missing part of service, namely the musical worship. I am finding more and more that music is a very effective form of worship for me. I feel much closer to expressing my devotion to God through the music and songs and words at our church. You wouldn't tell it from the outside since I am one of those don't clap, hardly sway, definitely don't raise your hands kind of person (for some reason, I just physically can't), but on the inside I do it all and that's what counts, right? Worship God the way that he made you to and thank goodness there are a zillion ways to do it...

So, I had to miss it today. Oh well. I can hear a little bit in the office and I thought for sure I heard Drugs or Jesus wafting out. It is not everyday that you get a Tim McGraw song in Sunday morning service, but I think that it's great. I did ask to make sure I wasn't imagining things and sure enough. Maybe a certain Children's Pastor could convince the band to play Keith Urban next week!!!

Well, that is all for tonight. Sure nothing profound. My husband just played a game of UNO Rummy with me. He hates games, so that meant tons. I love him.

Until next time.

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