Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Since we are starting at this parent thing a little differently than most, we have already been experiencing a lot of firsts. So far we have had:

(Just a little note, for now I am going to refer to the 10 year old as Little Pixie, the 7 year old as Monkey, and the 6 year old as Skyman. I am still not sure if I will keep with that, but it will work for now.)

  • First Fever: Little Pixie had that the very first weekend that we had them.
  • First Loose Tooth: Monkey had one causing her considerable distress during one of the first visits
  • First Lost Tooth: Monkey lost a different one brushing her teeth one night. We got a quick run down on the Tooth Fairy and surprisingly enough she left Monkey $1.00, exactly like she was expecting.
  • First Vomiting: Skyman was the winner with that one right as we sat down to dinner one night.
  • First Hugs: I honestly cannot remember, it seems like we have all been hugging forever!
  • First Kisses: I have given cheek kisses tentatively (so as not to scare them away), but the girls returned them immediately and showered Daniel with them too. Apparently we have graduated, because the night we talked to them about adoption, we were surprised with lip kisses!
  • First "can I get my ear's pierced" questioning: Little Pixie didn't waste much time with that one. We explained we will have to talk about that later.


Rebecca said...

The first "firsts" of many to come!!!!!
I think the names fit well!!!

Love you,

LittlePeopleWealth said...

How cute - I'm your first follower!! :)