Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guittard Baking Chips

This is not a newsflash to those that know me, but I love to Grocery Shop. My dad is and was the same way, so it is possible that it is genetic, although I haven't seen any research on the subject. Not only do I like using coupons, finding great deals, and getting groceries in general, I get fascinated while shopping with all of the different products that are available. If left to my own devices, I could spend hours just looking at what there is to buy...wait a minute, I do spend hours...I could spend more hours.... Therefore, I need to limit my mental wandering, so I try to only get thoroughly distracted by one new product each time I am out. I like to find something that I haven't seen before and then come home and research it a bit and find out about the brand, company, etc. Now, the logical thing would be to actually purchase the product too, but usually I just window shop these items at least at first.

My find last week were these beautiful Mint Baking Chips by Guittard. Giant Eagle has little sections that are mingled in here and there of "fancy" products in their store. This is where I found these and was instantly drawn to them by their fun sea green color. I am a big mint fan, so I really debated about buying them, but I convinced myself that I haven't been baking enough lately to warrant another bag of baking chips in my cupboard, but that doesn't mean that I won't change my mind... If you want to read about Guittard and all of their yummy (or so I imagine) products, just click on Guittard anywhere in this post.

House/Basement Update:

I talked to Mr. Concrete Man today and he has concluded that he really cannot fit our house into his schedule comfortably before winter. He thought that he could get to it in about a month, but is worried about the cooperation of the weather, so would rather not try it. We want to stick with him, so we will be first on his schedule once the ground thaws and dries out in the spring. I thought that postponing the basement would really upset me, but I feel pretty at peace with it and am seeing the benefits of being able to get a lot more prepared for the whole thing. We now have to get a hold of Mr. House Lifter (who we found out could do it before winter) to see if he is still okay with waiting until spring. We also need to check with Mr. Plumbing & Heating about the same thing and see if we should look into putting in our new Heat Pump before the basement is done to get some cost savings this winter....decisions, decisions.

Foster Care/Adoption Update:

Due to a previous engagement already set up before we started our classes, we had to miss this weeks and will have to make it up sometime in the future. I completed our first homework with getting copies of our Marriage Certificate, Auto Insurance, SS Cards, Driver's Licenses and Pet Vaccinations.


AEGN said...

I think it is great you and your husband are looking to be foster parents and/or adopt. We need more loving parents out there for these kids!!

AEGN said...

Jenny, I can't seem to leave comments on your newest blog... maybe it has to do with your new blog background, although it is SOOO pretty, where/how did you find it? Anyway, I am so sorry you weren't chosen to be the foster family for the 2 little ones. I know you will get children soon, it IS all in God's plan!!