Monday, June 23, 2008


Refrigerated rolls and baked goods frighten me.

You know, those tubes where you have to start at a corner and unroll the outer wrapper and sometime before you get to the end it is supposed to "pop" and release the dough. I am not a big fan of the element of surprise, especially when I am cooking and herein lies the problem. I never know when the tube is going to pop. Is it going to be right when I start to unwrap it, is it going to happen halfway through the unwrapping, is it going to wait until the very last moment when I am pulling the last bit of wrapper off, or heaven forbid, is it not going to pop at all and I have to resort to the dreaded spoon method. If it comes to this point, all bets are off. That thing could blow at any minute. It may or may not wait until I am pressing on the seam with my spoon. It is like a little biscuit grenade sitting on my counter. It's at this point that I just want to give in and forget rolls for dinner, but I know that it is too late. It is going to pop sometime whether I use the rolls now or not and it isn't going to be any better waiting for it to pop in the garbage or the yard or any other place that I might throw it.

So, I get the spoon, find the seam, apply the pressure and viola', the tube opens and I finally have my dinner rolls...this may not come as a surprise to anyone, but I despise the game of Operation. It is the same idea as above except you don't even get the reward of enjoying rolls afterwards!

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