Friday, March 09, 2007

#5 Photographers

It appears that every cruise ship has its own group of Paparazzi ready to stalk each guest. I am not kidding, there was a photographer asking you to stand still and smile around every the dining room, getting off the ship, getting on the ship, at the pool, at the Mayan Ruins, and the list goes on and on.

Now, you were not required to have your picture taken each time, but it sure felt like it. However, Daniel and I became pretty adept at scooting past them before they could catch us. I am a bit on the small side and occasionally nimble, which worked to my advantage.

It was nice, however, that they did not hound you to purchase the pictures each time. Instead, they put up thousands of new photographs each night in a lobby area and once you found yours (or someone else's that you particularly liked, I suppose) you could purchase the photo for $19.95! I actually liked some of our photos, but I am far to cheap to shell out $20 for a picture!

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Rebecca said...

I'm surprised you didn't start taking your own pictures to make some extra cash!!!! $20 a picture could add up quick! :) And I am sure if you got a picture of the old man in the pink speedo it could be worth a fortune!