Friday, February 23, 2007

#10 Hand Sanitizer

It seemed like everywhere you turned, you were staring at a portable hand sanitizer. They had crew members stationed outside every eating establishment at hand sanitizer stations like this, strongly advising guests to use the hand sanitizer before entering. I know that there is plenty of controversy over anti-bacterial products and hand sanitizers, but I was glad for the opportunity to make things just a bit safer.

On a lighter note, it was very amusing to observe everybody in front of you as they took their turn at the station. The dispenser was "touchless" so all you had to do was pass your hand underneath it and the magic eye would catch you and dispense a squirt in your hand. More than half of the people, however, didn't pick up on the "touchless" feature and thought that they needed to push some sort of button on the bottom of the dispenser to get their squirt and usually they were far too busy talking to really notice what was going on. So, they would stick their hand underneath the dispenser, hit the bottom of it with their open palm a few times, and walk away with their squirt of sanitizer, never realizing that they didn't do it correctly and looked silly in the process. Good times...Good times.

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middle aged blogger said...

Probably a good idea on the cruise ship since some have had trouble with infections spreading among passengers. You are such a good observer!