Sunday, December 31, 2006


This story is over a week old, but I can't help but re-tell it. It is bound to be a classic!

It was your average December evening. I was reading the newspaper, Daniel was taking a little nap, the cats were exploring and then I heard a commotion on the basement stairs. My intuition told me it was a little tiger striped cat trying to run up the stairs while keeping hold of a mouse. Sure enough, Roscoe rounded the living room corner dangling a very perturbed mouse by one of his back legs. I alerted Daniel and we both jumped up in time to see Roscoe disappear in our bedroom. Daniel decided that there were just too many places for a little mouse to hide in our bedroom, so he said that we would have to wait for Roscoe to bring Mr. Mouse back out to the kitchen in order to catch him.

My reading was not quite as enjoyable as I tried not to be concerned thinking of all the ground the cat and mouse were covering in our bedroom. My ears perked up as I started to hear crashing in our master bathroom. I decided it was time to investigate. I cautiously approached the doorway, but was surprised to see Roscoe just sitting on the floor next to the tub. He did look slightly agitated and then he looked up....that didn't seem right. Why would he look up? Then a though struck me and I rounded the corner and looked up too. Sure enough, Mr. Mouse was on top of our shower rod, hugging it for dear life. It must have made a break for it and scampered right up our shower curtain. The earlier crashing was Roscoe throwing himself at the shower curtain and trying to climb up it himself. I know this because he continued this activity even after the mouse was transplanted to the great out of doors.

Daniel was able to supervise the mouse transport using a Swiffer floor mop and an empty Cool Whip container. The Swiffer served as a little mouse elevator, although Mr. Mouse disembarked before his final destination and we found him exploring our shampoos and soaps in our shower basket. He was then secured with the empty Cool Whip container and given his big break by being set free outside.

Roscoe spent the next 24 hours sitting on the shower ledge determined that his play thing was still somewhere in the area and I kept regretting that I didn't get the camera and take a picture of the whole thing. What a great shot that would have been!

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middle aged blogger said...

I am happy to finally learn the true purpose of the saved Cool Whip containers!

Love MA B

Baby Owen was born yesterday to L and M C. Can you figure that out? Big sister Madalyn met him last night.