Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday Traditions

Believe it or not, I have some Holiday Traditions that I am trying to break (rather unsuccessfully, I might add).

  • The tradition where I vow I will get the house decorated before Dec 1st, but yet it never gets done (it is December 5th and no tinsel here)
  • The tradition where I plan to get oodles of Christmas cookies baked in advance and then spend days decorating them, but yet they always turn into "After Christmas Cookies" (I don't even have all the ingredients yet)
  • The tradition where I am going to get all my gifts purchased before the first week of December, but yet I am always still struggling for ideas practically up until Christmas Eve (any good ideas for generic, but thoughtful gifts for cousins, aunts, uncles, etc?)
  • The tradition where I am going to be entirely selfless for the whole season, concentrating on the True Meaning of Christmas and yet I can always find the plethora of things that I do that don't fall under this tradition.
  • The tradition where I know that I am still going to follow the above traditions, but I won't let it bother me and yet here I am blogging and bothered...
However, I do still have those moments of joy and peace and happiness and love that can't help but make me smile, so I will try and share these regularly in case they help anyone else...things like:

  • My 2 year old nephew looking cherubic and saying "ho ho ho... mewwy Critma!"
  • An e-mail introducing the Yule Flip Peppermint Chip Blizzard. I don't even need to eat it, just thinking of it is heavenly.
  • Listening to my Shower Radio and suddenly hearing 3 little Chipmunks sing me Christmas carols. That Alvin!
  • Hearing the Salvation Army bell ringers and scrounging through my pockets for all the change that I can find.


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