Monday, November 13, 2006

Week in Review

They prevailed for most of the week. Why do I get headaches and why are they so incapacitating? Are they migraines? Are they not? Are they sinus headaches? Are they not? Do I have a low tolerance for pain? Do I have a high tolerance for pain and these are just that bad? Why don't I go discuss this with my Dr...because when I am at the Dr, usually there are more pressing matters like kidney stones and flu and when those things are over I am so glad to be done with Drs, I don't want to start something new. I am also a bit concerned about becoming a hypochondriac...

Eye Doctor
I had one of my annual Eye Appointments this week. I am actually lucky enough to get 2 each year. One with my Vision Insurance for contact lenses and one with my Medical Insurance to check me out as I have pretty bad eyes and my grandfather was recently diagnosed with a rare, degenerative retina disease that makes me want to be cautious. This was the Medical one.
The appointment went well. They were running very behind, so I was able to catch up on all the Entertainment News (did you know that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a baby? That People magazine is a wealth of information)

Daniel and I both had our 6 month Dental Visit this week with a brand new dentist. It was pretty exciting. Not only were they very High-Tech, they were friendly to boot and our mouths didn't hurt afterwards! You may think that is an odd thing to note, but with our previous dentist, we were in pain until the next morning and that was just with a cleaning!!!! I got through the x-rays without gagging and we were sent home with a Goody Bag that included not only the traditional, toothbrush and toothpaste, but a couple of other fun things including a fresh baked cookie!!!! You can't beat that. They did suggest that I get a Bite Guard for at night and I have another appointment set up for a fitting, but this was just a quick topic at the end and now I am finding myself full of questions and apprehension and I really need a Bite Guard? Will I be able to stand a Bite Guard? Will I be able to stand the fitting? Is it worth the money?

I figured I was on a roll this week so why not go to the Chiropractor too. I had my Birthday Postcard for a free adjustment and I hadn't been in months. It certainly couldn't hurt. I never know entirely how much it helps, but it sure makes you feel satisfied to hear your neck crack a gazillion times. It just makes sense that you would have to feel better after that!

Daniel and I applied for passports with the hopes that we may go on a cruise in the beginning of 2007. We tend to drag our feet on fun stuff like vacations, so we need to keep ourselves motivated and planning, but this was a good first step.

Plenty done with three to four times as much left to do.

Went to MI on Saturday for the day to help out my sister and brother-in-law and have a Family Birthday Party for our nephews. Daniel got sick half-way through the day, so we had to cut the trip short.

Got to watch the original Columbo movie with Daniel on Sunday. I love watching TV with Daniel, but it doesn't happen that often. He is not a TV kind of guy, but he was sick and Columbo is actually someone that he enjoys.

On My Mind
As you can tell, always a lot.


Melody said...

Hey Jen! Hope that your headache is gone! Did they ever figure out what was causing it?

middle aged blogger said...

OK here I go:

Headaches - I discovered mine were sinus the day I tried a sudafed instead of Advil and it went away like magic. it's worth a try.
ALSO, if you get the night guard - I hope you know that your headaches might go away!!!!

Laughed aloud about your comment re: Tom Cruise - go figure - that girl Katie grew up in Toledo and some of our our E's friends knew who she was....

I'm so happy to read your post! YES GO ON VACATION!!!!

Love MA B