Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ice and Ice Accessories

Preface: My family is wacky, but I love them dearly. Daniel's family is wacky, but I love them dearly. Daniel and I are wacky, but they seem to love us too!

My Family:
Easter Sunday in Michigan was as chaotic as expected and then some. Here's a very telling snapshot:
Brother-in-Law: Hey Mom, did you know that you are almost out of ice?
Mom: Oh yes. Wendell (my dad), just refuses to fix the ice maker. He prefers to just chop away at the large hunks that come out or bring some home from the church (their second home). It is very frustrating!
Me: They also have those new-fangled things called ice cube trays that might come in handy...
Some polite chuckles
Dad walks in from the church.
Mom: Wendell, did you remember the ice?
Dad: Oh no. I entirely forgot. I'll have to run back over to the church.
All the siblings and spouses: NO, it's just ice, we've been waiting for Easter dinner for 13 1/2 hours or so it seems and no need to delay it over ice!
Dad: But I like ice.
We all finally sit down to dinner. Dad says grace. We settle in and start to pass the food as Dad heads towards the door.
Dad: I'll be right back. I am just going to run over to the church and grab some ice...

Daniel's Family
We arrive in Indiana at noon just in time to meet Daniel's parents for lunch. We are greeted by his dad and told that plans have changed a little bit as Mother has had a bit of injury this morning. The possibilities are endless, so I am envisioning all sorts of scenarios before she walks into the room . I figured that there might be a cast involved or possibly even a wheelchair, but she walked in on her own two feet and looked pretty fit to me. She quickly explained, however, that she had put an ice pick through her finger that morning and we needed to head over to the Emergency Room, after dinner, to get a tetanus shot. An ice pick...good heavens are they still getting their ice delivered in blocks. No wait, I know that they have an automatic ice machine and if worse came to worse, they could always borrow some from their church...
Nope, turns out she was trying to pry apart frozen sausage patties with one of her 2 trusty ice picks. Now I have seen her wield all sorts of kitchen utensils and let me say that this is not a surprise. She always assures me that she is very careful and knows what she is doing, but that little argument isn't going to hold much water anymore. So, we went to the Chinese Buffet and then to the Emergency room.

Good Times, Good Times.

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