Monday, October 31, 2005

Undignified Yet Again

It began as a normal Sunday morning...rushing to get around, cereal for breakfast, treats for the cats, arriving at church at 9:35 a.m., chatting with friends, and then things began to get spooky. I was standing in the narthex (I love this word, I didn't' even know it existed until a few years ago) talking and I heard a familiar chord...could it, it's only my imagination. I tried to finish my conversation, but my attention kept diverting to the sanctuary. (Heaven help the woman I was talking to. Who knows what I ended up saying as now it is only a blur) Then, the moment of recognition came and I realized that yes, in fact, the band was playing my song. Time warped and everything took on the slow motion replay effect as I tried to run to my seat. I was yelling "waaaaiiiitttt" and plowing down everyone in my path as I entered. I took out an usher's eye when I threw off my heals, knocked down 2 old women and stepped on a small child, but I made it in before the opening verse was over. I found a seat and suddenly remembered my husband....he needed to be here, how selfish of me to consider experiencing this alone. Ahh, but he was hearing it too and suddenly appeared in the side door of the Worship Center with the same frenzied look in his eyes that I was wearing. And then I noticed a beautiful thing, he was waving a lighter (granted, I thought it was a cell phone for most of the time and Daniel and I both thought I was a little dumb for that, but things like that happen in life). My husband must be the coolest man ever and Undignified must be the coolest song ever. I knew that the band was playing it just for me (not really, but you are allowed to think things like that in your head). As it continued I noticed a strange and frightening thing...I was clapping, not just in my head, but my hands were really coming together out for the world to see. Admittedly they weren't being rhythmic and they weren't being loud, but I work well with baby steps. It didn't stop there, I believe my whole body was moving a little, even my head. I imagine I basically looked like someone who was in need of the bathroom, but as the song says.... I don't know what possessed me, but I thought why not take this a step further and stand up, that's what you want to do, so I did, only when I looked down, I realized that I didn't. My brain said stand, but my body apparently still doesn't recognize that command, because as hard as I tried, my behind never left the seat. Oh well, we will work on that in future. So, the song ended, life was full of bliss, and yes for one brief moment I allowed myself the luxury of envisioning Daniel once again throwing me up in the air and catching me of course. Thanks for sharing this moment with me.

P.S. No congregational members were hurt in the above events.

P.P.S. The lighter portion really did happen, not just in my head.

P.P.P.S. I really did clap, it wasn't just in my head.

P.P.P.P.S. I don't just love Undignified for it's funkiness, it's message is amazing too!


Danielle said...

I think you left out the part where your good friend Danielle rushed out of the worship center to fetch you so you wouldn't miss your favorite song, especially on such a disappointing day!

Just my two cents need for recognition!

Love you.

Sara said...

I love you....I laughed so guys are awesome!

Jennifer said...

I did leave out the important part of my good friend Danielle running out to get me. See what that song does to me. It makes me insane!

Thank you for getting me Danielle, you're the best!!!!

middle aged blogger said...

You're a treasure Jen. Thanks, once more for the cheerful start to my day. I tell you, I'd PAY for your book!

Love, MA Blogger

sozodeb said...

I think that there is a side to you I have never seen. I read your blogs from time to time and scratch my head and wonder if what I am actually reading comes from the Jen I know.
I laughed out loud when I read this. You are an amazing soul.
Thanks for articulating the creativity that our Father stuffed inside that tiny earth suit.
Love ya

I now have a blog...check it out if you so choose.

Gary Browne said...

I agree... Awesome song!! Hilarious Blog!!

That your for all you do with our children!!G and L enjoy your time together!!