Wednesday, July 06, 2005

True Story

I woke up the other day in a foul mood. I had not slept well the night before and I am sure that it was adding to the problem. I hate it when I have trouble falling asleep, which is actually pretty rare. I am usually the type of person that doesn't even remember hitting the pillow before I am asleep. In college I was known for my 15 minute naps. I could sit down in the bean bag chair, close my eyes, fall asleep immediately, and then in exactly 15 minutes my eyes would pop open and I would jump up and get back to work. I called it highly convenient, my room-mates called it freaky. However, I digress. Back to my foul mood. I was dragging myself through my morning routine and didn't feel like listening to music, so I noticed a CD sitting out that I had picked up from church last Sunday. It was from months and months ago and I didn't even know what it was about. I basically just picked it up because I was waiting for Daniel and I decided that I could shop to kill time and the only thing that the lobby offered was Sermon CD's. I put the CD in, pushed play, went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and suddenly out of the silence came three distinct drumstick taps, a guitar intro, and then I knew. What are the odds of this happening. You guessed it...Undignified once again. You just cannot ignore that song, so there was plenty of pajama dancing (the cats were concerned) and my foul mood disappeared.

Sidenote: I think that our band deserves tons of vacation, but just so you know Chris, Erica, and anyone else from the band that might wander over here, you were sorely missed. It was just not the same.

I have been weeding again. You would think with all this weeding, I would have the whole yard done by know, but I think that I am a bit misleading. The areas that I am weeding are especially overgrown and I am especially distractable so only small areas get done at one time. This time I found a nickel (1974 which went into the change jar) and a really big rock. I tried to convince Daniel that it was special, but he concluded that it was just a really big rock. Oh well. Oh, I also saw some nasty looking bugs. As soon as they made themselves known, in my head I started doing the girly scream running around the yard yelling "Bugs, Bugs, nasty, disgusting bugs!" (You will notice that a lot of things take place in my head as opposed to in the real world. Funny how that happens). I convinced myself, however, without batting an eye that I was a big girl now and if I wanted the enjoyment of playing in the dirt and unearthing treasures in the yard I was going to have to get used to bugs and not give them the upper hand. So, I gave them the "Ha, I scoff at bugs" look and went on my merry way and lived happily ever after.

Last thought for the night. You know how you aren't supposed to worry about what you wear or if you wear the same thing too often, etc. etc. You know the logic that says most people aren't even paying attention to those things, etc. etc. We had Picnic in the Park tonight with the kids (Pastor D is an excellent face painter. If you ever need a picture on your face, I highly recommend her) and a little kid, not Parker this time, but Madison said. "How come you always wear vests?" Nuts. Little kids notice everything. Oh well. Tonight's verbal answer was "I don't know, I guess I just like vests". My internal answer was "Probably because I really need some more summer tops and I am behind in the ironing and this vest goes with most everything and it is really comfortable and I need comfortable clothes and then I got distracted.

Note to self: Don't wear your brown vest on Sunday.


Danielle said...

Jen, my friend, you are a hoot.

I think you should ask Madison why he always asks so many questions. Case in point: My sister was sitting out in the foyer with Madison last Wednesday after mini-golf. Madison was on quite a roll with the questions (per usual), and she thought to herself, "I'm going to go crazy if he doesn't stop asking me questions." (She told me she thought this.) Anyway, she had just purchased a new cell phone and had the box with her. On the box was an attractive young man. Her solution to Madison's endless questioning was to turn the tables on him. She began asking him questions about the guy on the box. For instance, "What's his name? How old is he? Where does he live? Is he married?" and so on. Apparently his name is Brian and he lives in Liberty Center and he's going to marry me!

I have to say, though while attractive, he's not Keith Urban! ;o) But, I'd settle for Brian in LC if I could live by my sister.


P.S. A coconut bra may appear in your future...

Danielle said...

Did you know I write fortune for cookies on the side? See the post script in my previous comment!

middle aged blogger said...

I love your stories. I am so glad I found your blog!